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Welcome to Orascom Development, a renowned international developer specializing in creating vibrant, integrated communities in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. We pride ourselves on designing exceptional places where people can build their lives. With a track record dating back to 1989, our unique approach to destination development has earned us a listing on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Join us as we continue to shape inspiring communities that bring together residents, visitors, businesses, and leisure activities.

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73 Years Of Experience In Luxury Real Estate




At Orascom Development, our mission is to create remarkable destinations and foster vibrant communities that inspire people to work, play, and live. We believe that each destination should possess its own unique character, infused with a distinctive soul and personality.


We design our master-planned communities meticulously, providing an array of facilities and amenities that enhance the quality of life and unlock the full potential of our residents.


While we are proud of our esteemed track record, we aspire to reach even greater heights. Our vision is to establish ourselves as a global leader in destination development, the preferred partner for transforming land into thriving centers of life. We strive to set a new standard of living with our master-planned developments, empowering, inspiring, integrating, and respecting the diverse needs of our communities.


We measure our success by the exceptional quality of life our destinations offer and the enduring value we create for the long term.

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Introducing Orascom Developments, a premier developer specializing in crafting extraordinary destinations across the globe. With a passion for creating iconic and diverse communities, Orascom has established itself as a leading force in international real estate development.


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Once you call our dedicated hotline +201000191000, our team will be with you it could take less than 24 hours.

Call us on +201000191000 and leave the rest for our team to provide you with a wonderful experience.

With Orascom Developments, Finding Your Next Home Has Never Been Easier

We have a wide range of available properties, from 1 bedrooms chalet all the way to owning a One-Storey Standalone.

Fortunately Orascom Has Projects in more than 14 countries, Contact Us +201000191000 and Discover Your Options

Once you own your home at any of our developments you became part of Orascom Family.

We Have A Resale Department Ask Our Dedicated Team and They Will Help You With The Process.

We Are Always Assessing the International Markets For Opportunities to Expand.

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